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Getting ready

There are a number of steps that service providers can take to prepare themselves for the NDIS, from official registration to planning how their business will operate under the new system.

What is changing?

The NDIS is a significant change in how people with disability will access support. As a result, it will change the way service providers do business and respond to the choices made by people with disability.

Over time, funding under the NDIS will change from traditional South Australian Government grants to individual fee for service arrangements.  It’s important that service providers think about their business in the context of this reform.

Existing funding arrangements with disability service providers will continue in each area until the transition occurs.

The South Australian Government is working with the disability services sector to assist them in this transition. Go to When is the NDIS coming to you? to see the rollout dates for each region across the state.

How to register as an NDIS service provider

There are two steps to take to register as an NDIS service provider:

  • Register with the National Disability Insurance Agency
  • Apply to the South Australian Government to meet the requirements for the Disability Service Provider Panel (DSPP) within the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

Registration with the National Disability Insurance Agency

For more information on how to register as a provider with the NDIS, view the Provider Toolkit on the NDIS website.

Registration with the Disability Service Provider Panel

Service providers will need to apply for registration through a qualification process.

For more information on how to register with the Disability Service Provider Panel, visit the Apply to be a disability service provider page on the South Australian Government website.

Preparing for the NDIS

People with disability and their individual choices are at the centre of the NDIS. This means providers may need to modify their service offering and/or marketing to appeal to participants and attract more business.

To prepare for the NDIS, disability service providers should:

  • Start thinking about how to work with the NDIS - opportunities for your business and what you might need to change.
  • Understand how to meet participants’ goals, preferences and objectives.
  • Consider how they will market their services to participants

For more information on being a service provider with the NDIS visit providers on the NDIS website.

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