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Meet Joan

Joan Pic

A great sense of purpose

Eastern Adelaide


Joan is a respite carer for Uniting Communities. She looks after 14-year-old Declan, who has autism, for one day a week and weekend a month, helping him develop life skills and become more independent. Joan helps Declan to participate in the community, taking him to the gym, gun club and cycling. She also supports him to be independent in personal care and life skills such as preparing meals, changing his bed, doing his washing and catching the bus. Joan is a retired school principal and says working with Declan has given her a great sense of purpose. Watching Declan’s development and growing independence has provided her with great satisfaction. Joan says that the NDIS has made a significant difference for Declan. His services are coordinated and targeted to meet his needs, which are delivering great results for Declan.

Meet Shaidan

Shaidan Worker Fleurieu

Working in regional areas creates a strong team environment

Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island


Shaidan is a graduate speech pathologist who works for Novita on the Fleurieu Peninsula and in other regional areas. Having grown up in the country, Shaidan was keen to pursue her career in regional communities. She works with children and young adults, who have both physical and developmental disabilities, in their homes as well as in schools. Working regionally means Shaidan has a diverse caseload, working with children with a range of disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay. Shaidan says that there is a real team environment when working with children with disability in country areas. She says families see their children reaching goals that they never thought were possible, and other children at the schools develop a better understanding about disability. She says working in the disability sector is an extremely rewarding career.

Meet Meagan

Meagan Worker North East

No two days are the same

North Eastern Adelaide


As an occupational therapist, Meagan is welcomed into homes where people share their struggles, hopes and dreams. She says no two days are the same. Meagan works with a team of highly skilled and experienced health professionals at Disability SA's ASSIST Therapy Services. She says that once a client's problem is solved and the goal achieved, people share their feelings of success, relief and empowerment. Meagan says she shares the joy in knowing that someone's life has changed for the better.

Meet Adine

Adine Worker Yorke

A local contact for familes

Yorke and Mid North


Adine is a Novita occupational therapist based on the Yorke Peninsula. She supports children living with a wide range of physical and intellectual disabilities. Because Adine works locally she provides families with a single point of contact for a range of therapies so that they can access support more often. She works closely with a team of professionals covering supports such as speech pathology and physiotherapy. It means families have access to specialist support via Adine even when a particular therapist isn't in the local area at the time. Adine says working in the disability sector is a career that really makes a difference. She loves the feeling she gets when she can see that therapy is having an impact.

Meet Natalie

Natalie Wade Pwd Western Adelaide And Worker Eastern Adelaide

Bridging the gap between me and other 27 year olds

Western Adelaide

People with Disability

Natalie is looking forward to the NDIS because she hopes it will spark more innovation. She sees it as an opportunity to place her on equal footing with other 27-year-olds by removing barriers currently present in the community. She sees the NDIS as being about people with disabilities being part of the community and participating equally. A lawyer, Natalie already receives personal care that is critical to her getting out of her house in the morning and getting to work. She hopes the NDIS will encourage inventors to come up with innovative ways of providing house and car modifications and travel opportunities for people with disabilities.

Meet Orson

Orson Far North Worker

Working with people with disability is a rewarding job

Far North


As a single dad, Orson was initially looking for a job with family friendly hours. He undertook training to become a disability support worker and discovered that not only was the work family friendly, it was also incredibly rewarding. Now he is working with clients who have disabilities including spina bifida Rett Syndrome and intellectual disability.

Meet Sid

Sid Fleurieu Pwd

In home care and outdoor activities

Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island

People with Disability

Sid became quadriplegic after a bike accident and the personal care he has received through Disability SA is critical for him at home. But his support workers also help him pursue his passion for triathlon by taking him to his voluntary work as a race director. When he's not organising and participating in triathlons Sid enjoys growing orchids and he hopes that the NDIS will help him to continue following his passions.

Meet Erin

Erin Southern Adelaide Worker

It’s not an easy job but the rewards outweigh the challenges

Southern Adelaide


Since 2003 Erin has worked in the disability sector and is currently a case manager helping her clients address barriers they may face by advocating for them. Erin grew up with a family member with an intellectual disability and more recently acquired her own disability after experiencing a stroke. Her own experience with disability has made her even more passionate about being a voice for others. Erin concedes that being a case manager is a tough job, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

Meet Peter

Peter Limestone Coast Worker

Having a good sense of humour is key

Limestone Coast


Peter completed a Certificate 3 in disability and aged care a couple of years ago and is now a disability support worker for HomeCare+ in Mount Gambier. He works with clients with physical and intellectual disability - some with very high needs. People who know Peter say he has the right temperament for the job. He prides himself on leaving his clients in a happy mood each day. Peter says working in disability is challenging and that being laid back and having a sense of humour are important to the role.

Meet Annemarie

Annmarie Worker Murray Mallee

It’s the most rewarding job you’ll ever do

Murray and Mallee


After 30 years in nursing and administration, Annmarie wanted a career change. She is now a team leader at Cara’s group accommodation facility in Murray Bridge, where she supports four people with Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy. Annmarie says she thrives on the interaction she has with her group. She tells new starters in the disability sector that it is the most rewarding work they will ever do.

Meet James

James Pwd North Eastern Adelaide

It gives me quality of life

North Eastern Adelaide

People with Disability

James had his lower leg amputated after a motor vehicle accident in 2005. Now he uses a prosthetic leg . Every year he needs a new prosthetic to be made. James says that without the prosthetic leg he wouldn't be able to work, drive a car or enjoy other activities in the community. He is looking forward to the NDIS supporting him to keep being involved in his community.

Meet Kye

Kye Eyre Pwd

Help to live more independently

Eyre and Western

People with Disability

Day options at Cara allow Kye, who has autism spectrum disorder, to learn social skills, money handling and crafts. Like any family, the prospect of Kye growing up and living more independently has been daunting for his parents. He will require special support. Now that Kye is 21, his family is hoping the NDIS will help him live more independently and provide some respite for his family. Kye’s mum Melissa sees the NDIS as an opportunity to see what Kye’s capabilities are.

Meet Beau

Beau Southern Adelaide Pwd 1

Learning at his own pace

Southern Adelaide

People with Disability

Born with Down Syndrome, Beau is sensitive to sensory experiences and can get upset with any change in routine. This makes it hard for his family to organise going to the movies, eating out, a trip to the park or even a drive in the car. The family sought help from Minda, and Beau began attending regular physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help him get stronger. Learning at his own pace, Beau continues to go from strength to strength, and now rides independently up and down the walkway at Brighton Beach on his new modified trike and is gradually improving his balance and core strength.

Meet Rick

Story Barossa Light And Lower North Rick Jobseeker

Whether they have a disability or not is irrelevant, they're your workmates

Barossa, Light and Lower North


Rick worked at Holden as a workgroup leader before deciding on a career change. Living in Lyndoch, he also wanted to work in the Barossa so when a job at Barossa Enterprises came up, it was perfect. Rick now manages a team of supervisors who support people with disabilities who manufacture pallets, wooden produce bins and provide a wine packaging service. Rick loves that every day is different. He says that whether someone in the team has a disability or not is irrelevant - everyone is supported to achieve the best of their ability.

Meet Alex

Story Southern Adelaide Alex Jobseeker

A successful career change after 24 years

Southern Adelaide


Alex has transitioned from being a team leader at a car components manufacturer to a support worker for people with disability. He joined Minda after a 24-year career in the vehicle manufacturing industry. Alex completed a Certificate III in Disability with the SA Learning Centre. He says he enjoys working in a setting that focusses on the needs of the individual and their family, and helps people to enjoy life by providing them with the best support.

Meet Mikayla

Story Southern Adelaide Mikayla Pwd

Support that helps me follow my passions

Southern Adelaide

People with Disability

Mikayla is a talented student who loves art, gymnastics and animals. The NDIS means she can get support to pursue all of these passions. An occupational therapist helps Mikayla deal with the challenges of her autism at school, and her disability support worker drives her to an after-school digital art class. After working with an NDIS-funded mentor, Mikayla is considering a career working with animals and already has a work experience placement.

Meet Danielle

Story Murray Mallee Danielle Pwd

The ability to get out and about more in the community.

Murray and Mallee

People with Disability

Danielle lives in a Cara share house in Murray Bridge. She is an active member of Cara’s Consumer Reference Council and her interests include tending to her apricot tree and cooking – her speciality being home-made apricot jam. Under the NDIS, she hopes to get a new wheelchair and have the ability to get out and about more in the community.

Meet Emily

Story North Eastern Adelaide Emily Jobseeker

A complex role where you help solve problems

North Eastern Adelaide


As a social worker, Emily works with adults with disability from 18 to 65 years old. Emily enjoys the complexity of her role and being able to use her qualifications to have a meaningful impact on people with disability. The best part of being a social worker is that it is a hands-on job where continued learning is required to help each individual.

Meet Holly

Story Barossa Light And Lower North Holly Jobseeker

Helping children has an impact on their whole family

Barossa, Light and Lower North


As a speech pathologist, Holly helps children who experience difficulties with communication skills - to enable them to express their needs and understand language more effectively. She says it is extremely rewarding to help children with their communication skills as this enables them to communicate with their families and friends and makes a difference for the child at school and in the community. Holly says that the NDIS has enabled a lot more people to access support and services that they wouldn't have had before. Having access to therapy services such as speech pathology can have a huge impact on their lives.

Meet Vicky

Story Barossa Light And Lower North Vicky Pwd

Making choices with more autonomy

Barossa, Light and Lower North

People with Disability

Vicky sustained paraplegia at the age of 19 and has now used a wheelchair for 26 years. The freedom of choice under the NDIS is what she is looking forward to most. She says it is important to her to be able to make her own decisions about her lifestyle and mobility issues rather than relying on a system that tells her what she can and can’t have. Vicky is hopeful that the greater options for sourcing equipment like wheelchairs and cushions will mean shorter waiting times for things that make her life better.

Meet Mark

Story Northern Adelaide Mark Jobseeker

People don’t realise the diversity of jobs in the disability sector

Northern Adelaide


Mark worked on the production line at Holden and has recently transitioned to the disability sector. His existing skills helped secure him a job managing people with disabilities on the food packaging production line at Barkuma. Mark is also expanding his skills by doing a traineeship. He says that jobseekers might not realise the diversity of jobs there are in the disability sector.

Meet Emily

Story Northern Adelaide Emily Pwd

Some extra help to get started in the workforce

Northern Adelaide

People with Disability

Emily is finishing Year 12 at an adult campus and is deciding on a career path in youth work, the disability sector or photography. Having had assistance through Novita when she was younger, Emily is looking forward to support under the NDIS as an adult to get a new wheelchair and the extra help she needs for her reading and writing.