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Call for people living with disability to join Disability Engagement Register

Saturday – 3 December 2016

South Australians are being urged to join the Disability Engagement Register so they can provide confidential advice about issues that are important to the lives of people with disability.

On the International Day of People with a Disability which is celebrated around the world on December 3, this call comes out to South Australians to join the Disability Engagement Register.

Government and non-government organisations use the register as an engagement tool and to communicate with registered members about their own projects and work.

The register currently has about 200 members and the aim is to expand it to at least 400 to coincide with the roll out of the National Disability Scheme.

The register is targeted at people with disability, though anyone with an interest in disability matters can join including family members, friends and carers.

It is easy and free to join the register via an online registration form. Registrations can also be made by post, email and phone.

For further information:


The Disability Engagement Register is managed by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI). For more information about the department visit

DCSI would like to grow and expand the register membership particularly among people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and people from different multicultural backgrounds.

The South Australia Government is committed to ensuring that people with disability are able to live safely in accessible and supportive communities, with opportunities to reach their potential and participate fully in our society.